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Australian Art Community

About Us

Welcome to Aus-Art!

This group has been formed to showcase and promote Australian Art to a wider audience, as well as locally. This includes all forms of Art - including Traditional, Digital, Photography, Artisan, Literature, etc. The group is a means to spread the love as well as a medium to encourage our artistic development as peers. To get to know one another and build the Australian Art Community.

So if you are an Australian Artist/Artist living in Australia/Australian Artists living Abroad you are WELCOME!!! Please join and share your work with the group.

Random from Current FAV Artist

Current FAV Artist: LordNetsua


Check out this artist's other amazing works:…

You can view previous featured artists in our past journals, or in our Favourites gallery here:…

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Once a month we will choose an Aus-Art member (you can also send us a note and suggest a member for feature, but not yourself) and feature them here as our Current Favourite Artist.


Currently we are allowing one (1) submission per person per day, and all submissions will be voted on by the Admins of this Group. :star: We want your BEST work!! :star: We dont expect everyone to be a professional artist but there needs to be some effort to create something artistic. This is an artistic website and an artistic group. Please submit ART only. We realise all of you have varying degrees of talent and we don't want to discourage anyone from doing what they love, but acceptance into the Aus-Art Galleries will be left up to the Admin's discretion.

When submitting, please select the category you have your deviation under; for example, if you have listed it as a Digital Painting, don't submit it to Digital Drawing; likewise, if you have it listed as such, please submit Fanart to the Fanart folder, regardless of whether it is a Traditional/Digital painting/drawing. Thank you :)

Pieces that will be declined include (but are not limited to):

:bulletpurple: Childish drawings, poor quality, snapshot type photography (eg. poor/blurred shots of your friend/dog/cat/animal, random objects that have just been snapped with no thought of artistic lighting etc).

:bulletpurple: Rough sketches and unfinished work (WIPs) are also not welcome. There is no need to submit 3 different versions of the same drawing, eg. a rough sketch, a digital and traditional coloured verison.

:bulletpurple: The deviation should be your own work. Anything found to be in breach of general copyright (screenshots, etc) will not be accepted into our galleries.

:bulletpurple: Anything that is just total rubbish will be denied. (But if we decline your piece we are not saying your work is rubbish! Most likely it is for one of the reasons above. This is just here to make this point clear :))

:bulletpurple: Please choose your BEST and FINISHED pieces to submit to the group.


:bulletpurple: PLEASE
don't take it as an insult if one of your pieces was denied. It's not that we don't like your work or have anything personal against you!! We just want your very best work :heart:

:bulletpurple: PLEASE DO NOT resubmit work that has been denied. Please respect the Admin's decisions. Resubmitting work that has been denied may get you booted from the Group.

:bulletpurple: PLEASE DO NOT leave notes asking why a piece was will most likely get a generic reply that your piece does not meet the standards we're aiming for in our galleries.

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: How to Submit: :bulletpurple::bulletpurple:
Go into the "Gallery" and choose from the appropriate category/folder eg. Photography People, then click the "submit to this folder" button. Please do not submit work to the Featured Gallery.

Gallery Folders

Photography - Fetish 2014
Photography - Macro 2014
Digital - 3D 2014
Digital - Vector Vexel 2014
Digital - Photomanipulation 2014
Digital - Fractals 2014
Digital - Misc. 2014
Traditional - Drawing 2014
Traditional - Painting 2014
Traditional - Sculpture 2014
Traditional - Artisan Crafts and Food 2014
Traditional - Misc. 2014
Literature 2014
Archives - Pre-2014


:star: Call for point donations! :star:

Thank you to all the amazing people who have helped us renew our super group status! :blowkiss:

You can still donate - these points will go towards our next subscription and potential prizes for any group contests.

Donate here at Aus-Art-donations: :iconaus-art-donations:

We :heart: all the beautiful people who donate to the group!!


Donate to support the Group - to allow us to keep our super group status, contests prizes etc. here: aus-art-donations.deviantart.c…

As a thank you, all our donors will be featured above for a period of time - we couldn't do this without your support! :heart:

Featured Works 7th April 2014

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:10 AM
AUS-ART blog

Featured Works: 7th April

Amazing pieces by our members from our galleries. Congratulations all, and keep up the wonderful work! (Too many awesome pieces recently, so I couldn't help but include them all :))

Have a great week!

final01 21Mar2014 0012 by Grant-BooysenMilky way over Myponga by AKS-Photography140323001 by pdizzubbleGhostly Test by MaNik-ImAgEHeaven's Hellfire by GuzzardiCammy (Unused Alt) by TixieLixBlack-eyed Angel by tonyobBlue Macaw by secretplanetPhase Right by syringe-loveDigital Weeds 2 by SeanAveryLily by Plestari
Interwoven by Samuel-HardidgeYou're A Woman by blavakLake Jindabyne Sunrise by joshbenoitUnder The Midnight Sun by sa-nick86

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I love that you still have me up as a Contributor :) is a lovely way of acknowledging that I founded this group :heart: and also that I continue to give however I can.  Love you guys xoxoxo
elexti Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course! You helped grow this group in the first place :hug: And no problem at all :aww:
The-Shifty-Lion Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's our way of honoring all the hard work and effort you put into this group. As well as a thanks for your continued help to this wonderful group :)
awwwwwww thank you, really :heart:
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